CAPTIVA8 is revolutionizing the way home care agencies engage with their potential customers. Our streamlined matchmaking process gives customers peace of mind, helps keep caregivers engaged with your agency, and simplifies your agency’s lead generation efforts – helping your agency secure clients in the most cost effective way possible.

Securing a steady stream of new clients means you can focus on building other aspects of your agency, and it also translates to revenue – empowering your agency’s growth.


Home care is a chicken-and-egg kind of business. You need to keep attracting clients to match with your agency’s caregivers, while simultaneously recruiting caregivers so you’re ready to take on new clients. Without clients, caregivers will find work with other agencies. Without a wide range of caregivers, you’ll struggle to land customers. This process can go back and forth … it’s difficult finding the right balance. And missing out on a client can result in tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for your home care agency – converting leads into clients can have a very high value.

That revenue can aid your agency in numerous ways, including helping you retain and recruit a wider range of caregivers, which can then allow you to take on more clients. Your clients and their families, in turn, could refer your agency to others, resulting in a new wave of clients – word of mouth is so powerful in the home care industry.

CAPTIVA8 streamlines the lead engagement process, helping your agency convert leads into clients in a matter of minutes. Our app and chat platform can also help your agency stand out by showcasing the specialized care your caregivers provide, ensuring that customers can find you more easily instead of relying on exhaustive internet searches and guesswork.

With CAPTIVA8, you can connect with and convert potential customers more efficiently than ever before, helping your agency hatch, grow and take flight.